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Ashdown LoMenzo HyperDrive Bass Distortion

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  • James Lomenzo signature bass pedal
  • Adds distortion only to the midrange for a unique sound
  • Mix the clean and affected signal together
  • Sturdy metal chassis
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Ashdown James LoMenzo HyperDrive Bass Distortion Effects Pedal

Ashdown as a company are not normally recognised for their effects pedals ... However all of that may be about to change as they now have a comprehensive range of pedals that are mainly suited to bassists to enhance the sound, tone and texture of the bass. Some pedals have been designed in collaboration with celebrity musician bassists such as James LoMenzo the bassist with Megadeath ...

In the Ashdown James LoMenzo Hyper Drive pedal depicted here, a band of frequencies within the midrange of the bass signal are filtered out and the distortion effect is added only to this band. The filtered frequencies can be ?tuned? to the precise range that gives the optimum effect. The degree of distortion available is variable from a subtle break up to huge saturated overdrive, enabling a new range of extreme effects for bass to be created.

The distortion effect can then be mixed with the original dry bass signal to maintain a powerful, full-bodied bass tone with distortion overtones. The pedal iteslf is of sturdy design with a metal chassis, there are a total of 5 control parameters that include input, frequency, drive, mix and output ... It has a central stomp-type on/off switch and at the top of the pedal is a retro-style input VU meter. 

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