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Drums & Percussion

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Drums & Percussion

Despite being the butt of a lot of (non pc) jokes, the drummer is really the one who holds the band together. It is their job to ensure that there is a steady tempo to keep everyone in time and also to provide those interesting fills between phrases and tempo changes.

Acoustic Drumkits

Most band drummers play a drumkit which is usually a 5 piece consisting of a bass drum, toms and snares. Supplementing this are the cymbals, usually a crash and ride. Kits are either acoustic or nowadays there are some fantastic electronic kits to be had which can feel and sound just like an acoustic set.

A Wide Range of Percussion Instruments

As well as the main drumkits percussion includes all sorts of instruments such as congas, bongos, cowbells and a huge selection of ethnic musical instruments from all over the world.

What Will It Cost Me?

We cater for all tastes and budgets with our carefully chosen range of products. Ethnic percussion is available from a few pounds or you can become a drummer with a full kit from only £199. We also sell modern electronic kits from £349, as well as sound deadening pads so you don't upset parents and neighbours during practice.

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