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Stage Lighting

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Whether you're a band or DJ, duo or seven piece, we've all played at a venues where the on stage lighting consists of little more than a couple of fluorescent lamps. In some cases you're left unscrewing bulbs out of fittings in a desperate attempt to create a modicum of on-stage atmosphere.

Create a Professional Lightshow

On-stage lighting has come on leaps and bounds recently and you can now light the stage easily, cost effectively and with a minimal footprint. Wash the stage in colour with a single self-contained unit or join the revolution and try some new LED technology for an instant easy to set up, professional and expandable light show; once used you won't play without them again I can assure you.

Playing around in the dark can now be left to the bedroom as user-friendly lighting shows create on-stage venue atmosphere with the minimum of fuss. Just imagine going to a nightclub with no lights?? ( p.s. School discos don't count.)

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